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About Legacies Inc.

Resources Supporting Family and Community Legacies Inc.  (Legacies Inc.) was founded as a not-for-profit Canadian corporation in 1999. It's mission is to support individuals, families and communities in creating meaningful legacies through community development, home and hospice care, and the Canada 150 project, which encourages Canadians to record their life stories and family histories for Canada's 150th anniversary.

Legacies is passionate in trying to help our website visitors with their information needs including practical tips and knowledge in areas of: family caregiving, home and health care, hospice care, community development, supporting people with developmental and physical disabilities, home renovations, leadership, learning and recording family histories. Our passion leads us to take a stand for greater caregiver information and advocacy at all levels of society. To that aim we provide free access to all of our relevant publications plus the opportunities to buy or eBooks or paperback editions. These book sales provide a main source of revenues for our non-profit organzations.

Janet Klees and Harry van Bommel are the Co-Founders of Legacies Inc.

Janet Klees has worked in various aspects of community for over 30 years. She uses the perspectives of her own family, neighborhood, local creek stewardship, and home schooling. As well, she uses the perspectives of people with disabilities and their families; and from the perspective of other people marginalised by low income, country of origin or other factors. Janet approaches all her work and life experiences through her belief that community is better when all are included. She writes on a variety of topics, but primarily about community and disability. Working nearly 20 years with one family group has led to two books on the subject: We Come Bearing Gifts and Our Presence Has Roots. These books are based on Deohaeko Support Network and its group of families which came together to design a better living alternative (a co-op housing project) in which their daughters and sons could live.

Harry van Bommel is an adult educator with naerly 35 years experience in the fields of family caregiving, home and hospice care, adult education, and management and staff development. He is the author of 40 books. His home and hospice care books, Caring for Loved Ones at Home and Family Hospice Care have been used by over 1 million patients, families, professional and volunteer care providers across the country through a partnership with over 500 organizations. Harry speaks passionately from the perspective of patients and families when addressing national and international audiences. He cared for both of his parents and his grandfather at home until they died and recognizes that more than one quarter (26.6%) of the adult population has provided care for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend during the past year most with inadequate information on how to provide that care well. The pool of family caregivers is dwindling. In 1990 there were 11 potential caregivers for each person needing care. In 2050 that ratio will be 4:1. Harry wants to ensure that all caregivers have the information and access to supports they require to meet their needs. One of his other passions are family histories and learning. He founded the Canada 150 project in 1997 to encourage people to record their life and family stories as a legacy to their families in time for Canada’s 150 birthday in 2017.

Legacies: Family and Community Resources has a simple philosophy:

  1. Bullet1. Stay small and think big.

  2. Bullet2. Use volunteers whenever possible and collaborate with thoughtful, committed and determined people and organizations.

  3. Bullet3. Reach the widest audience possible with information that is practical and immediately useful.

  4. Bullet4. Recognize and encourage the mutual exchange of people's gifts for the betterment of individuals, families and communities.

We welcome your comments and contributions, and invite you to purchase our publications for yourself and your organization. It is through our publications and speaking fees that we can keep this website and our free online books available to people around the world.


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